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07 December 2010 @ 09:50 pm
Through this link here you can see some pics from The Voice's The Risteily 2010 Concert Cruise Uniklubi participated;

HIMOTUIMMAT - The band took over the list by having both Maailma Puhaltaa and Aikasi On Nyt on the top for several weeks in a row. Keep voting! You can do so by clicking here.

Jussi visited The Voice's HERÄÄMÖ show in November. Videos here and here.

Also, do not forget to visit Translating Uniklubi for the lastest translation updates like the complete translated Studio Diaries from Kehä and Luotisade; and summaries from the latest interviews as well.
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07 December 2010 @ 09:46 pm
 Uniklubi @ Pop
The boys were @ Pop show (The Voice) in the past October

Maailma Puhaltaa Video

Jussi thanks Pori

11 October 2010 @ 09:01 pm
Can somebody please rip this video?
somehow I'm nver able to rip videos from ylex areena '-.-

From Translating Uniklubi

YleX apparently did some filming at Petrax during the guys' recording sessions for Kultakalat and the video can be watched if you go here.
It should be viewable from everywhere!
I think the video is mainly about Petrax Studio in general, but since it was filmed during the guys' recording sessions there, we get to see them and their work as well. Towards the middle of the video the band - or at least Jussi and Antti - also get to say something smile 


Uniklubi will also be on The voice in the programme Pop this week on Friday (15. October)
The show is aired at 13.00 (finnish time), reruns are on Saturday (16:30) and Sunday 15:00), and can, as always, be watched via voice.fi/nettitv

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09 October 2010 @ 11:36 pm

Uniklubi vs.AX7 - Maailma puhaltaa or Welcome To The Family?

Vote for Uniklubi here:


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09 October 2010 @ 11:29 pm
Uniklubi and Legenda Oy Productions are looking for figurants (for crowd scenes) for Maailma Puhaltaa video.
Time: Next Tuesday, 10/12/2010 from 16:30 to 18:00,
Place "kohtaus kuvataan Tampereella Tampellan alueella Alaverstaanraitin ja Keernakadun kulmassa."
From Translating UK  - "the scene is going to be filmed in Tampere on the Tampella-area, on the corner of the strees Alaverstaanraiti and Keernakatu."
There's not a age limit, since  they're looking for people of all ages.
"Bring your friends and come as you are!"
For more information, here's the production's mail: legenda[at]akuntehdas.fi.
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08 October 2010 @ 12:51 am
The new single off Kultakalat will be: Maailma puhaltaa
It was announced today on the band's facebook account.
The videoclip for the single was recorded today as well.:)
Source: Uniklubi Official @ Facebook
08 October 2010 @ 12:42 am

Head over to TRANSLATING UNIKLUBI to check out the latest interviews made by the guys;

Radio Nova interview;

MetroFM interview;

KULTAKALAT lyrics translated by Nightingale on the Official Forum

From Kultakalat box, Teemu's statements translation

08 October 2010 @ 12:38 am
Levykauppa Äx
Stupido Shop
Swamp Music

And also @ Spotify if you're in the following countries:

United Kingdom
21 September 2010 @ 06:59 pm

Tomorrow the band will do some Kultakalat-related promotion in the following media places:

  • MTV3's Huomenta Suomessa at 8:50am
  • Radio Nova at 9.15am
  • MetroFM at 9:30am
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